Yorkshire Drone Services

 Yorkshire Drone Services aims to capture media of historical sites and sites of natural beauty from the air for the good and benefit of all. If you manage a site that fits the the above description, please contact us for a 100% free portfolio of videos and imagery. You will also own all intellectual property rights and have discretion over media sharing. Yorkshire Drone Services intends to in build a positive image for drones and promote their utility in work and leisure. 

Our Team

Yorkshire Drone Services consists of a team of competent, committed and experienced employees. 



Director Yorkshire Drone Services Ltd


Fully qualified and insured drone operator.

Travel photographer, over 90 countries visited.
Eleven years' military service.
Hobby historian - contact us if your property is historical for free media!

Whitby local, York resident. 



Yorkshire Drone Services


Travel photographer.

Roman and WW II hobby historian. 
Adobe Photoshop grand master.
Scarborough resident.



Yorkshire Drone Services


Local photographer.

Hobby historian. 
Has no fear. Ever. 
Saltburn resident.



Yorkshire Drone Services


Operations and media manager.

Hobby historian. 

Afghan veteran, military drone operator.
Whitby resident.


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