Drone Network and Links

The Drone Code
Fly your drone as a hobbyist in line with the CAA's Drone Code. HERE


Civil Aviation Authority

Contacts to report improper drone use and more information on RPAS. HERE


Is anyone flying near you? Should you issue a NOTAM (Notice to Airmen) because you are flying? HERE

Cover Drone

Commercial drone insurance. HERE


Military Aviation Authority

For all military flying links and links to relevant DINs. HERE  


700X Naval Air Sqn

700 (Experimental) X Sqn, RNAS Culdrose Cornwall, provide RPAS training for military operators. HERE    


The UK Drone Show

For the UK Drone show to meet traders and see new drones. HERE    


Drone Magazine

The UK's drone magazine. HERE    


Drone Racing League

Has to be seen to be believed! HERE  



Like Instagram, but for drones. HERE  


Drones Subreddit

The largest forum for drone discussions and other nonsense. HERE


Drone News on Wired

New tech and policy from Wired magazine. HERE


Drone Video and Filming Guide

Step-by-step guide to cinematography and how to capture great non-choppy videos from you drone. HERE


Drone New User's Buyer Guide

Not sure what drone to get? Consult this impartial first-time buyer's guide. HERE


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