Prices and Fees

If you are a historic site owner or in an area of natural beauty, all fees will be waived. The below is provided for comparative purposes. Please get in touch to find out more. 


All sessions include the customer being provided with a DVD containing the below:

  • RAW photos and videos - for archive purposes.
  • Edited photos and videos - immediately ready for publication purposes. 
  • Business recipts.
  • Proof of Drone insurance.
  • Proof of Civil Aviation Authority to conduct commercial flight. 
  • Flight plan with legalities. 

Core Session Fees


On-site session From £75 / hour  
Historic property owner 100% free! No other costs. Contact us  
Drone study days Contact us  

Additional Travel Fees


North Yorkshire Moors National Park Free  
York area Free  
Further afield £10 / hour travelled  

Additional Product Presentation Fees


DVD of all media Free  
Images edited in Adobe Photoshop Free  
Videos edited in Movie Maker £10 / hour   
Presentations / posters created £10 / hour  
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