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Commercial premises 

As many businesses expand, the buildings and surrounding land quite often change over the years. A really good way to show the growth of the company is by aerial photographs which can create a timeline to reflect on.


An aerial view can be a really good way to show off your surrounding areas to potential customers and to also give people a better view of your site while promoting your business.

Local photos

This could be a great gift idea for somebody who has maybe lived in the same area for a long time and would like a photo from the air to see how things have developed over the years. We can take requests for your perfect photos.

Landmark photos

We can take requests for landmarks in and around Yorkshire as we understand these can have quite a sentimental value to a lot of people and capturing it by air can give such a great perspective and be that little bit extra special.

Land and buildings for sale

Sometimes large properties and land can be quite hard to show in pictures taken from the ground. Taking aerial photos can show so much more and people will really be able to see what they are getting for their money. In doing this it would really benefit sales and interest.

Building inspections

Being able to see your home and building from above can show you a great deal without the need for expensive scaffolding or any risks involved with using ladders. This could be used to assess any storm damage, gutter condition, roof damages, solar panel condition and more.

Solar panels

Using a drone to see the condition of your solar panels is a quick and effective way to make sure they are working to their full capacity as they can build up with dirt and get covered with leaves.

Chimney/roof inspection

Normally to inspect chimney and roofs you would need scaffolding which can be time consuming and quite expensive. By using a drone you can see what you are dealing with to help decide a course of action saving you both time and money.